Property Management

We use our expertise to find solutions to all property related issues so the goals and needs of owners and tenants are met. Whether managing commercial, industrial, office, retail, residential or mixed-use property, our firm brings hands-on attention to detail, technological sophistication, and accountability.

Property Management: Our role involves the day-to-day processes, systems and manpower required to manage the life cycle of the property. Tasks include acquisition, control, accountability, responsibility, maintenance, utilization and disposition. We are the
liaison between the ownership or asset manager and the tenant, providing a buffer for those owners who desire to distance themselves from their tenant constituency.

Our duties include:
  • The full and proper tenant screening
  • Lease contracting and rent collections
  • Mitigation and remediation of maintenance issues

Facilities Management: This is a strategic-tactical service utilized by owners and tenants who need to be informed about the potential impact of their decisions on space, services, cost and business risk. In addition, our operational role is to ensure corporate and regulatory compliance plus the proper operation of all aspects of a building.

Asset Management: The focus is maximizing investment return and property value through proactive management, aggressive leasing, efficient operations strategies and financial analyses. Our thorough evaluations of operational, technical and financial aspects include operating cost estimates for financial modeling in order to identify opportunities such as hold, refinance, sell, exchange and lease back. This empowers the client to determine their most efficient use of capital.