"Colby Development, LLC has made our construction project virtually stress free while keeping us on budget…”
- Liz Evans, Operations Manager/Founder

Development Services

  • Development: Colby Development, LLC 's experienced principals work closely as Consultants to the owner. We perform site selection, purchase of raw land, municipal approval, design/planning construction functions and converting ideas on paper into real property from the beginning to end, exhibiting the professionalism, systems and presentation demanded by corporations and institutional lenders.

  • Owner Representation: Colby Development, LLC construction project consulting service provides valuable advice, recommendations, oversight during every stage of a construction project informing the owner of progress. Our guiding principle is being responsible exclusively to the owner. Colby Development, LLC’s approach and experience with both small and large projects consistently places emphasis on controlling cost, keeping the schedule on time and maintaining the quality of the project. We assist the owner in areas where the greatest value is created, to wit:
  •  Evaluate capital funding
  •  Guide project team development and selection
  •  Review project budget and documentation
  •  Assist in contract negotiations
  •  Manage the process for key project team members and consultants

Our approach allows the project owner to gain insight and knowledge at each step of the way, stay firmly in control of their destiny, retain equity interest, and acquire the help when they need it the most - in the formative stages of the project where the capital formation activities make the difference between the vision and a project that can move forward on a fully funded basis.