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Commercial Brokerage

Real Estate Brokerage services includes managing the transaction process that usually involves a team of professionals, thus assisting you in all phases of the real estate transaction to provide you with the best possible real estate solution for you and your firm. Our approach is to focus on the following disciplines:

  • Landlord/Owner Representation: Our listing service includes developing a comprehensive marketing strategy that positions your property in the market to sell or lease. We do extensive promoting which includes signage, flyers, posting to our website, commercial real estate websites and social marketing. Marketing includes agent’s networking groups, prospecting and devoting a part of each day to cold-calling, ensuring timely marketing of your listing.

  • Buyer/Tenant Representation: Businesses, from start-ups to large corporations are often faced with the need to extend leases, sublease, expand, contract, consolidate or relocate facilities. We work with you to renegotiate your lease, locate space that is not only affordable, flexible, and functional, but also conducive to increasing client creativity, productivity, and profitability.

  • Site Selection: This service is all about focusing on the companies’ needs, such as; demographics, customers, labor, traffic counts, transportation, infrastructure, competitors, co-tenants, rental expenses, signage, parking and the like. The steps begin with defining and agreeing on objectives and expected outcomes. The process continues with a survey of the market and selection of qualified properties, solicitation of Request for Proposal (RFP), technical, economic and subjective analysis of selected properties and negotiation and establishment of leasehold interest.